Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday of Easter Week

Well we had a very nice weekend. Saturday we went to a birthday party for one of Terry's old policeman's buddies that turned 60. His kids planned it for him and they had quit a nice party. Lots of people and lots of good food too. We had a very nice time.

Sunday we just stuck around the house after mass and read and then went over Patti and Greg's for a grill out for dinner. Just as we were headed back home the rain started, so we timed that pretty good.

Tonight we're meeting our retired friends for dinner and I have to remember to call my sister as is her 71st birthday. I tried call before but she wasn't home and I don't want to leave a message, I want to talk to her, so I'll keep calling until she is home, so I can wish her Happy Birthday. Its cold and rainy here, only 37o. Not a very nice day for opening day for the Cincinnati Red's baseball team. Just a wee bit cold to be sitting down by the river watching a game. It's always colder and breezier down there. Glad I'm not going there. Have a nice day all. Hugs.

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