Friday, April 24, 2009


Well we are getting ready to leave for Florida tomorrow. Trying to get everything packed and ready so we can leave bright and early tomorrow morning. I'm getting my hair cut today even shorter than I have it as I don't want to be at the beck and call of a stranger down there so getting it real short for the hot weather. Patti is walking in the MS Walk tomorrow morning and after that she will come over and get Winnie so it's not like we will have to take her somewhere. We sure are going to miss her. I just can imagine being without her for very long. It's going to be hard. I just hope she and Patti's dogs get along. I think they will, but I worry. Well hopefully I will be able to check in with you all, as Alan has a lap top computer that I can use and I'm hoping I can get into all my places with it so I'll be checking in and letting you know how things are going. So much for now. Keep us in your prayers. Hugs.

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