Thursday, March 12, 2009


It's been a busy week. Monday I did laundry then watched the grand kids in the evening and had them for dinner too. Tuesday we went up to our doctors to basically talk to him about Terry's arm and shoulder, that he's still having problems with and also have him manipulate his neck which is really bothering him. Well that took a whole day as it's an hour or more drive one way and then you have to sit in his office more than and hour or so. But we love him. So that's a whole day gone. Wednesday I had a meeting a 1pm and then Terry and I had some running to do and then stopped to eat and then went to church and finally got home about 8pm. Today, Thursday, my day of running. I finally got my hair cut. I'd had enough and I'm back to my old way, well almost, the back is still longer than usual, then I had some stops to make and I got home about 5. Terry woke up this morning with a virus or something and felt terrible. He was spending all his time in the bathroom and when I got home he still wasn't feeling any better, in fact he had a temperature of almost 102. I'm keeping my distance. We were supposed to go to one of our grandson's Confirmation's tonight but ended up not going. Hopefully we'll get to stop over this weekend and see him. Tomorrow I have nothing to do, but will probably end up running the sweeper. I'm Tired!!! Good Night!!

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