Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday Evening

Tuesday we ended up visiting our retired friends. They called and told us about an accident the husband had and we felt like we should go over and see him. He had been melting lead (which Terry does often) and a live round must have gone off in the lead and blew up in his chest and face. They said he had gone to the hospital over the weekend and he was fine but we could tell they were shook up about it, so we went over. Well he was a mess OK. Thank goodness he was wearing glasses. That saved his eyes. He has small burns all over his face where the lead hit him and they had to pick some lead out of his eyes. Thank goodness because of the glasses the lead was only on the outside of his eyes. You should have seen his coat. There were 2 big holes burned through his coat. Thank goodness it was cold weather and he had a coat on. The good Lord was watching over him.

Today I went to lunch with my girl friends that I went to grade school and high school with. We had a great time and if was fun to catch up. None of us could even remember the last time we were together. So this time we set another date for in September so we wouldn't wait so long in between next time. One of the gals husbands had past away since we'd been together which was sad, and there had been some surgeries along the way but other than that everyone's family's are doing good.

Tomorrow I don't have to do anything, thank goodness. I am going to run the sweeper if it kills me. I have been saying I was going to do it forever and I'm finally going to be able to do it tomorrow. Well it's getting late and I'd like to do some reading, so good night. Hugs.

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