Monday, March 16, 2009


I was a nice weekend but we did nothing. Terry didn't even make it to Sunday mass. He wasn't even sure he was going to make it to the doctor today but he pushed himself. We are now convinced that his does not have the flu or a virus but is having a bad attack of his diverticulitis. He's had them before but never this bad and never when he's had a fever with it. We think what set it off was eating at Taco Bell and he put some hot sauce on what he ate. Not a good thing to do. He's going to have to take this a bit more serious. He had an MRI not to long ago and it said he had extreme diverticulitis so I think he should take it serious. I think after this bout he will. He's been really hurting and miserable these last few days and still is. Anyway the doctor wants him to get an MRI of his elbow to see what's going on with his elbow. So we shall see.

Well we miss our one grandson's confirmation and our other grandson's 18Th birthday. I even forgot to even call and wish Jonathan happy 18Th birthday. What kind of a grandma am I anyway? I can't believe I forgot to call him. Shame on me. I'll have to do it belated.

Well the sun is out and it's 58 degrees, so I think I'll take a walk. I sure am loving being able to take my walks again. I sure hope this weather holds. Hugs.

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