Monday, February 9, 2009


Yesterday was a lovely day and today is too. We had a very nice weekend. Saturday we went and saw our daughters oldest son Jared play basketball, which they won and then stopped on the way home and got something to eat. We were going to go see the younger son play basketball a bit later but Terry said he just didn't feel like it so we just came on home and watched some movies on TV. Sunday we went to Mass and then went over our sons house and to our amazement everyone was home and we had a nice visit with them and then we all ended up going out to get something to eat. The whole family and us. It was so special, as usually someone if missing. Someone is usually off playing some sort of sport or something. So it was really nice having the whole family together. We had a wonderful day. Came home and caught up on some reading and then watched my shows on TV and then went to bed and read till almost 2am. Nice Sunday. I forgot to mention the my baby, my daughter turned 40 on Friday. Boy does the make me feel old. Well I guess being 65 is getting old, sorta. lol. Your olny as old as you feel and I don't feel old, only my body does. lol

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