Saturday, January 10, 2009


Rain, rain, rain. I guess it's better than the snow that Lois is getting. It's just so dreary. Nothing to do so I think I'll follow Lois's lead and do some reading and we'll probably watch some movies too and that chili that Di and Lois made sounds good to, so I think I'll follow suite. We spent the day shopping yesterday. Terry found some nice shits at Kohl's. I've been looking for some new canisters for in the kitchen, but can't seem to find any. Terry also found some good old movies at Old Time Pottery. I've also been looking for a new purse and can't find one I like either. Oh well, we ended up going to Olive Garden for late lunch and that was really good. Did us both for the whole day. Came home and watched some movies. Well that's about it. That's our boring life but I love it with my main man. Hugs.

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