Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday Jan 5th

Not to much has been going on lately, we've been spending our time at home doing allot of reading and just taking it easy. I guess that's what most our our winter will be. Terry did go to the doctor today and he was pleased with his progress on his shoulder. He is finally beginning to get more movement but still not much strength. Now they will start working on the strength part slowly but surely. I told him after his doctor's appointment that I was finished being his chauffeur. That he was doing well enough that from now on he could get back to driving, I was through driving us around. lol. So, afterward we did a little shopping that we needed to do and stopped and picked up our Rx's also. Tonight our friends from Cincinnati are coming over and we're meeting them for dinner close to our house. They seem to love this one place over here and his brother and his wife usually meet us to and that makes it nice.

Terry's cousin down in Florida had surgery today so please say a pray for him. He had some sort of blockage in his intestines. We're really worried about him. He doesn't want anyone to know he's in the hospital but we finally got it out of the other cousin that's down there. He thought he was having heart problems, so this is much better than that, but it still worries us. Hope you are all doing well. Hugs.

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