Saturday, December 20, 2008


Today is fudge making day and also more cookies. The ones I made yesterday turned out great, but by the time I made up small containers to go to all the houses we will go to over the holidays, there weren't many left for us. I guess we'll have to eat some at every one's house. lol. I think I forgot to mention the I had my hair highlighted the other day. I think it was Wednesday. After being sick for 2 weeks every time I looked in the mirror I just looked so drab so I decided I needed to get it colored and I'm real happy the outcome. I'm a blonde again.

Tomorrow we go over our son's and we have our family Christmas with everyone including our daughter and her family. Everyone is too busy around Christmas to get together so we do it early. I'm looking forward to being with the whole family. Maybe I'll try to get a family picture or at least some pictures to share. Then Monday night we're getting together with our friends for dinner and then coming back to our house for dessert. Cheese cake, which I already got from Sam's. I cheated and didn't bake it myself, but I will share some of my cookies and fudge with them too. So begins the Christmas running around. Terry's shoulder continues to improve but it is still very painful especially when he does his therapy. I'm doing OK, but seem to get tired awfully fast lately. Hope you all are doing well. Hugs.

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