Monday, November 10, 2008


Well it sure did get cooler over the weekend. We didn't do much as I wasn't feeling to well. Even missed the Elder football game, and wouldn't you know it Jonathan got to play the whole game and he had 8 tackles and played a great game. They are in the city tournament and hopefully we will get to go next weekend.
Terry went to the surgeon today and his surgery for his shoulder is scheduled for Monday 11/24. He goes to see our family doctor next Monday for a post opt physical. Guess he won't be in too good of shape for Thanksgiving with the surgery being the Monday before. We've decided we're not having Thanksgiving at our house, we're just going to fix the turkey and then take it across the street to Patti's and she'll have it there where there is more for the kids to do. Her hubby's brother is coming with his 2 boys so it would be a bit crowded at our house.
With tomorrow being Veterans day, I always take Terry out for lunch or dinner and some friends are going to join us this year which will be nice. Other than that not much going on.

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