Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Election is OVER

The election is OVER .... (whether you agree or disagree with the results) we can't
do anything to change it or make things different or rewrite history and this election
was truly an historic moment. Our first black president has been elected by thepeople. Sorta like JFK, our first Catholic president. And, at some point,and probably in the not-to-distant future, our first woman president.But the election we have worried about, worked for, supported, discussed,read countless e-mails, watched campaign speeches and interviews and debatesand forums and heard talk show hosts discuss for the past 2 years, hasended. So, where do we go from here?First, we get over it. We can't dwell on it. Christians and good oldconservatives all over our country have spent numerous hours in prayer, ontheir knees before God petitioning intervention in what we perceived as apotential national disaster. Did God not hear His people? Certainly He did,God always hears the prayers of his children. But this simply was not God'swill for this time in our history. Is it Biblical prophecy being fulfilled?I have no answer, but I know that God is still in control of our universeand that He loves us, so we can turn our worries, concerns, and heartacheover to God and trust Him to work this out, not according to our will, butHis.We are all so concerned about the economic situation. "They" say that wasthe #1 issue this election. So, perhaps that is the answer as to why thishappened. Perhaps we have all become too materialistic. We have madeearning, saving, hoarding our dollars more important than God intended usto. We have depended on "our" money to take care of us rather than trustingGod to do it. Money does not buy health and happiness. Sometimes God has tobring his people to their knees to get their priorities in the right place.Maybe we need to learn this, or some other, important lesson. Maybe now,since the election is over, we should continue to pray...pray for ourblessings, pray for our friends & family & fellow countrymen, pray to seekthe will of God in our individual lives....and not just pray when WE for our candidate to win. It is easy to turn to prayerwhen things are bad, but when life is going our way, we tend to take creditfor it and God gets shoved into the background.And now, we need to add president elect Obama to our prayer list. He is ourpresident, the leader of the country in which we live. We should pray forthis man every day. We should continue pray for our country. No more will be said.

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