Friday, November 21, 2008


We have been so busy this week that it has just flown by. Doctor's appointment and pre physical appointments for Terry's shoulder surgery and just a ton of other running around. Thursday I did my running and shopping and got my hair cut and did my visiting so that was another busy day. I was able to get a few Christmas gifts bought so that helps. Tonight we are having Terry's nephew and family over for dinner and the evening. They have 2 little girls about 5 and 3 or so and he and Terry are both into shooting and reloading and such so they will probably head to the basement and do their thing down there. Both of our kids might stop over also. They haven't seen there cousin in a long time so they might stop in to say hello. That will be nice, so we could end up with a house full.
No plans for the weekend. Elder plays football Saturday, but in Dayton so we're not going. I hope they win though. Well have a nice weekend all. Hugs.

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