Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Spent all day Monday going to the doctor with Terry for his elbow and his stomach. He fell on his elbow a few weeks ago and it hasn't gotten any better. Well we found out he's got a chipped bone in there and the bursa is all inflamed. Nothing they can really do. Hopefully the bone will adhere to another bone and the bursa will settle down. But since our doctor is and hour away it takes up our whole day whenever we go. Tuesday I spent going to the library, and the trying to find and elbow pad for Terry's elbow which wasn't easy. I finally found one at Dick's. The doctor said he should wear one to protect it in case he bumps it. The doctor also wants Terry to have a Cat Scan of his abdomen because he thinks he has diverticulitis. That is scheduled for Friday. I also when to Kroger's for groceries and Rx which they wouldn't fill for me. They said I wasn't covered any more. So here we go again. So this morning I've been on the phone with our insurance company trying to find out what's going on. They say my Rx coverage is still the same but when Kroger's tried to put it through it won't go through. Well I'm still waiting to get a phone call back from either the insurance company who was going to call Kroger's for me or somebody to let me know I could get my Rx. This turning 65 has been a pain in the butt with all this medicare and insurance changing and stuff. Well, it's been getting hotter here, not as nice as it was last week, but I guess we were over due. Hugs.

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