Monday, August 25, 2008


I'm so sick of politics already, I wish it was all over. Well we didn't do a thing over the weekend except go out to dinner on Saturday evening. It was just too hot. We finally got a few drops of rain yesterday and it has cooled it off a bit so I could at least go for my walk today. I did allot of reading and I'm half way through my book. I feel like I always have a book in my face. I think when I finish this book I am going to take a break from reading for a bit. We are waiting now for our friends to call and we're going to meet them for lunch instead of dinner today. They are already over here in KY. because their brother who lives over here had shoulder surgery this morning, so once surgery is over and he is allowed to go home they will call and we will meet them for lunch. Other than that not much going on. Curves is having a special and I did thing about joining but decided it was just too much. I might look into the Y. I just hate having to go someplace. I'd much rather exercise at home and I do enjoy going for my walks.

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