Monday, August 4, 2008

Hello to you all, and I hope you had a nice weekend. We did. Saturday we did nothing and Sunday we went to Mass and afterwards I made a cake and Terry iced it with his cream cheese icing and decorated it with a smiley face for Olivia and the in then in the evening we went over our sons house for pizza and cake to celebrate Olivia's birthday finally. We had a great time and it was just nice seeing all the kids and the family that all came. Allot of my daughter in laws family were there too.

Today I'm changing linens on the bed and doing laundry and also cleaning bathrooms and Terry is fixing the toilet that broke in our bathroom. He hates to do plumbing. Then later on we are meeting friends for dinner. Oh, we're also, dog sitting again. lol. Patti and family are on a much needed vacation this week going to Tenn. They have had a really bad summer which I won't go into but they really deserve to get away and have some fun, so we really don't mind watching the dog. Don't think Winnie likes it though. lol. Oh well, she'll learn to tolerate her. See ya.

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