Saturday, May 17, 2014

Saturday May 17, 2014

Can't remember the last time I posted but here I am and not much to say really.  That's why I don't post much.  I'm not very good with words and can't come up with what to write.  We live a very quiet and usually a very sort of dull life.  We really don't do much.  Well this morning Terry woke up and felt like cooking so we text our  kids kids across the street and said anyone interested in breakfast ii will be served at 11am. Well one was still sleeping and didn't want to get up and 2 were gone to a basketball tournament down in Lexington so that only left our daughter Patti and one son, Tyler and they came over.  Terry fixed pancakes, sausage and omelets and they loved it.  Terry does this every once in awhile.  Usually more that 2 come over though.  They call him the Cracker Barrell.  Sometimes he does it for dinner too.  They really enjoy it and we do too.

We usually take our grandchildren out to dinner for their birthdays and we are 2 behind.  Well I finally got hold of 1 of them today and we are set up for next Thursday.  Now I just have to get hold of the other one. Sometimes it hard to get together with them.  They have such busy schedules.  We really enjoy doing this. It's fun having each kid one on one to talk too.  Only they are all not kids any more.  The oldest is 22 now and with ll of them and the youngest is 8 now.  

We had to get a new computer not to long ago and I'm not to savvy with them or it.  We had a friend come over and install it for us and I am very self conscience and scared about downloading anything on it and it seems like it is forever asking me to download stuff, but I don't do it.  I hope I'm doing the right thing by not downloading things.  I'm so afraid of getting a virus or something.

Well, till next time.  Take care, and God Bless.  Judy


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Lois Lentz said...

Oh nice to read something on here from you, and it was interesting! Thank you so much for the phone call. It was good talking and made me feel very good that you cared enough to call. I will send you an e-mail one day soon to talk some more about other things.