Monday, October 14, 2013

October 14, 2013

Well it's been awhile since I've posted but not much as happened.   I have been having some problems with my right leg which is my weak leg from my MS and I had and short version of an EMG last week but he didn't find anything worth while.  I'm having and MRI this Friday and I have this feeling that they are not going to find anything with that either.  I personally think I just plain need to get up and move around more, that I am to seditary and don't get enough exercise. I do know I have arthritus in my hip too that bothers me. I've been trying to get out and walk more since the weather has been so nice and it has seemed to help with the pain in my ankle and my leg.  It is not as bad as it was so maybe that is all I need.  I've even been going down in our basement and using my exercise bike a few days a week too.  So I guess this has all helped, because I am not having the pain that I was having before.    So, I guess the saying is true, use it or lose it.  But I didn't think it meant that you would get pain and I was getting bad pain in my ankle and then on up my leg.  Now I am only having mild pain in my theigh and my butt area. Have been having more trouble with my balance than ususal too and seem to be falling a lot more than usual too.
Other than that we have been kept busy with the grandkids.  They have been having football games which we havn't been going to very many  because it's not pleasant to have to sit on cement bleachers for a few hours, or even if we sit on a stadium seat.  So we've been very picky about which games we go too.  We try to go to at least one game for each of them instead of all their games this year.  They have been very understanding but I do miss going and seeing them play.  One grandson that is away to college gets to come home this weekend and we are anxious to see him.  Some of his buddies that are also away at college are also coming home too and one of the parents are having a party and we are invited and that should be fun.  We really miss him.  He is a great kid that use to come over and just sit and talk to us once and a while and we really miss that. 

Not much else going on.  Loving this fall type weather were I can get out and walk a bit.   Take care all.


Lois Lentz said...

So glad to be able to read something here and know how you are doing. I wish I could participate in my grandkids lives like you do in yours. I do understand not wanting to sit on cement bleachers! Hope the ankle and leg get to doing better. I am doing pretty well but age and MS make me weaker than I would like, know you understand that. Do what you can, it dose make a difference.

James Vaugh said...
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James Vaugh said...

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Dr.Chandresh Kumar said...

Dear MAM,

in the world. bone problem in much due calcium contents deficiency.
there is also very bad routine of our life that we never think to take free sunbath for vitamin D.

i am very sad it listen with you.

God Help you for your better life.

thanks for posting.

Chandresh Kumar