Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday November 5th

What a terrible thing to happen to the east coast. Hurricane Sandy really made a mess of our states there. High water and winds really tore through New Jersey, Connecticut, and New York and probably a few other states coming up the east coast. Most of the pictures I saw were of those states and wow, what a mess. Water was 10 ft high and even went down into the subway system. I couldn't believe that. It's really going to take time for them to get that all cleaned up and sanitized and everything before they can get that back up and running. They said they are really going to be worried about diseases after this whole thing is over and done with and I can sure see why. All the rats in New York city were up and running all over the place. It's just sick to think about all the dirt and filth that is all over everything and how are they ever going to be able to get it all cleaned up? I don't think I ever want to go east any time soon. Even Pennsylvania and West Virginia were flooded too, but I didn't see many pictures of that so I don't know how bad it was there. I know even places in Ohio had bad storms and high waters too, even snow some places. Nature can sure be really nasty sometimes. All I can do is pray for the ones in the path of all that nastiness and count our blessings. Bad things happen to good people sometimes and I guess this is one of those time. How are all those people going to be able to get to their voting places on Tuesday? I guess they will figure something out. I sure hope so, cause I'm so fed up with all the political ads on TV that it's got to be over with. I've had my fill of them. All I can do now is pray that the right candidate wins for our country. We've been busy routing our grandsons on in their football games. They are now in the playoffs and the games are really getting exciting. But the weather is getting really cold too. We went Friday night and we left in the 4th quarter cause I got so cold. I was wrapped up in everybody's blankets and I was still cold, so we left. Saturday night I stayed home and Terry went to a different grandsons game. Both nights they won, so they will be playing again next weekend. I'm hoping to get to go if it's not too cold. I'll try dressing a bit warmer too. I had on long johns but I guess I'm just too cold blooded. I like going to the games, they are really exciting, but I don't like getting that cold.


Lois Lentz said...

I am sitting here with a sweater on and a cover over my legs. It is getting cold. One more day and those horrible political ads will be off my television set. My how happy I will be when they are gone!! So we kind of agree of those two things1

Paula said...

I like your photo, i love Fall. Funny what you said about hitting a button and your whole post going POOF..yes i have done that as well and the second one never seems as good as the one that went poof. Thanks for the laugh today.