Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wednesday April 25th

Well Lois here goes.The only comment I got from you last time was "let me see if this works" and it did, so you can leave a nice long comment any time you want now. Terry got his hearing aids and they are giving him fits. He can hear, but he's hearing too much noise up and above people voices. He says all the ambient noise drives him nuts, but he's trying real hard to get used to that and block it out and listen to just what he wants to hear. She said he is supposed to try and get people to look at him when they are talking to him which isn't that easy all the time when you are in a group. It seems like he is forever turning them up or down which I don't think is good but he's the one who has to figure out how to get use to them. He is supposed to use them for a month and then he's got another appointment to go back. I personally think he'll need to go back sooner but he said he'll give it the month. Meanwhile he's moody and touchy because he's having problems and when I called him on it, he just got mad at me. Men! He's really disappointed in them. He figured he'd get them and he'd be able to hear like he normally did. Didn't happen. Well I finally got Patti to give me my exercise bike back, so I have been using that, as I have felt my legs going down hill and knew I needed to do something. I haven't been walking and I should. I need to push myself and I don't. I also noticed a twitching in my left hand. Makes my handwriting even worse than it was before as I'm left handed. I quit sending out cards, they are too messy. Left hand shaking is nerve wracking sometimes too. This is a busy week. On Monday night we went out with our usual friends that we go out with on Monday evenings and then last night we went out with some dear friends to help celebrate their anniversary, 58 years together, and tonight we are taking one of our grandson's out for dinner. We always take our grandchildren out to dinner for their birthdays. The one on one is really turned into a nice thing for us and I think for them too. We really enjoy it. Then on Thursday night we are having some of our oldest friends over and then we will go out to dinner and then back to our house for dessert. The wife and I grew up living next door to each other, so we've know each other all our lives, as far back as I can remember anyway, pre grade school. I will be glad when Friday comes though and we can just sit and relax and get back into reading a good book. Well that's all I can think of for now so have a nice week. Hugs.

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