Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday May 16th

Hi, if anyone is still out there reading this. I'd like to ask for prayers for a
few things.

First of all please pray for my husband. He's been having headaches all winter long
and he's lost allot of weight and he's had stomach problems too. He does have
diverticulitis so that's allot of the stomach pain. He watches what he eats He's had and MRI,a CAT Scan, blood tests and a glucose tolerance tests and he goes
to the doctor tomorrow to get the results of all this. So we're hoping that something showed up and we'll know what is causing his problems. Please pray we
find something out.

Secondly please pray for my daughter and her husband. They are having marital
problems. She was ready to call it quits and actually did. She told him it was over, but he finally talked her into giving it one more try. He finally made an appointment with a counselor and he also went and talked to a priest. These are
things that she had been trying to get him to do for 18 years but he wouldn't.
But he finally did it on his own, so that's a start. Needless to say they will
need prayers as they try to work on their marriage. I sure would appreciate you
prayers for them. Thanks.

Next I'd like to ask for prayers for a friend of mine that has been having problems
with her eye's for a long time. Please pray that her eye problems go away.

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