Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday 6/11

Well it looks like I forgot to blog last Monday so I'll do it now. We've had two graduations this year. One grandson graduated from grade school and another from Elder High school. They both have done very well. Nick the one from grade school is constantly getting 1st honors and we hope he keeps it up in high school. Alex won a partial scholorship to St. Thomas Moore here in Kentucky for football which will be nice. The night of his graduation or I should say the day of it I fell out on the patio and took quit a tumble. I got my feet hooked up with the patio chair and fell and hit my back and my head on the step hard. Almost knocked me out. Thank goodness I happened to have my cell phone on me because I was expecting a call from my daughter Patti, so after I laid there for a few minutes I called her and she came over. Terry never would have heard me as he was in the basement. She went in and got some ice for on my head and then after awhile she helped me up. I was really sore and my head is still sensative and my back is all black and blue, but I did go to the graduation. I wasn't going to miss my grandson's graduation. Hugs.

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