Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Happy New Year to you all. I can't believe it's 2010! I can remember when all the commotion was about 2000. That seems like it was only yesterday. It seems the older I get the faster the years go by. It's been really cold since the new year started and they say there's no end in sight. Don't like that. I don't mind cold but I don't like this really cold where it's stay in the 20's during the day and goes in the teen's at night or maybe lower. When it gets like that we don't even go out at all. Terry might got out if we really need something bad but usually Patti will call and see if we need anything and she'll get it for us, which sure is nice. Well hopefully this cold spell won't last too long.

I sure miss my friends on this blog. Everyone use to blog daily or almost and now we're lucky if they do it at all. They are all too busy now and I miss them. Some really are busy but some are busy playing games on Facebook and don't take time to keep up with friends and let us know what's going on in their lives anymore and I miss them. I wish we'd all start writing more, I know I'm going to try and write more often. Hugs.

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