Monday, July 6, 2009


Well it rained all day on 4th of July so that meant we couldn't grill out so we decided we'd go and get a pizza. When we saw that Patti and the family hadn't gone anywhere we called to see if they'd like to go with us, which they did and it made our rainy day turn into a nice day. We ended up having a fun time. Then on Sunday after Mass it was really dreary but if finally cleared up and I was on the computer and I looked out the window to see Patti and the kids using our fence to play volleyball. Using the fence as the net. Their father in law had just given them a volleyball. Well I went out and sat on the patio and watched and that began our day of fun. Patti went and brought some tubs of cookie dough over and I went in and made a bunch of cookies for us all. The kids asked Terry if he'd get out the BB guns which he did, and he fixed up a some nice target for them too. Next they wanted Terry to get out his home made cannon which he usually sets off on 4th of July, so he did. He just uses newspaper and gun powder but it still makes a loud, very loud noise. We had some neighbors coming and wondering what that noise was. So what was going to be a very laid back weekend turned into a very fun weekend. Hope have a nice weekend too. Hugs.

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