Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Yesterday was a nothing day. I did some reading. Today some friends are coming over that we haven't seen for awhile. They spent the winter in Florida. They are going to take our wooden picnic table as they have a home on 30 acres and are always having parties and could use it and wouldn't have to worry about moving it every week as they don't have much grass, not right around the house anyway. This will keep Terry from having to move it every week. It will be good to see them. I have to get going now as I've run out of my medication for my zingers and I've got to get up the the pharmacy to pick it up. I've been wondering why it's been bothering so much lately and here I've been taking the wrong pills and discovered it last night. Then when I looked all over for the correct pills, I couldn't find have any. So I called the pharmacy this morning and they said yes, I can refill them, so I've got to get up there. The nerve in my backside is driving me nuts. Catch ya later. Hugs.

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