Monday, April 13, 2009


We had a wonderful Easter. It was a beautiful day, a bit on the chilly side but very nice and the whole family was together to praise the Lord and thank him for all our blessings. It was a great day!
Today our friends came over and after Terry and the husband worked on some things downstairs and after visiting for awhile we went up and meet another couple for our usual Monday night dinner.
I wish I had other things to tell you about but the only other thing is that I had a fall the other day. I actually ran into the corner of a wall when trying to hurry into the back room and hit it so hard I bounced right down onto the floor. I now have a bruise on my chest near my arm about a foot long and it is very sore inside and out. I know, as Terry says, "I need to slow down". Every time I fall it seems it's when I'm trying to hurry to do something. Well it's really getting late so I think I'm going to get this old aching body and lay down and do some reading. Good night all.

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