Monday, December 29, 2008


Didn't do a thing over the weekend. Terry was supposed to go over our neighbor's for the big fights on TV and a big party but he hasn't been feeling well so he didn't go. Besides his shoulder he's been having bad headaches and now he's coming down with a cold. He had PT this morning and I went with him hoping to be able to get him in to see the doctor but no such luck. Doc not there all week. I thought may the headaches were somehow connected to the surgery. The physical therapist said they could be if he's unable to relax his shoulder and all his neck muscles are tense. Well Terry is just tense, period. He's just been a mess since the surgery and I can't talk him into going to our family doctor. He's stubborn too, but I hate seeing him so miserable. These headaches he gets are pretty debilitating. We've had to cut things short and come home from things lately because of them. He even left church early on Sunday and weent out to the car, he was so miserable. Well, that's my sad tale of woe's for today. Hugs.

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