Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tuesday - Voting Day

Well it will all be over soon. No more political ads. Thank goodness. I'm wondering if we will wake up tomorrow and know who our next President will be or if it will take longer. I've heard that they've been having some problems at some of the polling places with some of the machines and have very long lines because of that. I'm wondering if they will have to stay open longer because of that. Some of the problems were in Kentucky too. I'm sure glad we voted early. I couldn't have stood in any long lines. I pray it's all over tomorrow and that it's peaceful. It will be historic no matter who wins, so I'm anxious to hear who wins as I'm sure all of America is.

Well Terry found out he does have a torn rotator cuff, and he will need surgery on his shoulder. He has to go to the doctor again next Monday and hopefully they will schedule him sometime soon after that. He is pretty unconfortable with it. We have to take the films with us from his MRI, so the Dr. can review them even though we've been told he will need surgery. I guess you have to follow the steps.

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