Saturday, September 27, 2008


Good Morning, I wrote this once and lost it somehow, so here goes again. It sure feels like fall this morning and it did last night too. I love it. We went to Jonathan's football game last night. They played one of the rival schools and won big. We even got to tailgate with the family and friends. What fun. Today we are going to another football game for our daughters son who is in the 8th grade. We always back our truck into a parking space there next to the fence and then Terry helps me up and I sit in a folding chair up in the back of the pickup to watch the game with kids and friends climbing in and out the whole game. It makes it fun too and then I'm high enough to see the game. For some reason they never sit in the stands which are small, maybe that's why.
It was so nice to be able to sleep in as long as we wanted to this morning and not have to worry about the workers coming to work on the house. They'll be back on Monday. They now have the drywall all up and have shot all the insulation in behind it so I guess next will be spent painting. So we're getting there slow but sure. They do seem to be doing a nice job. Well I hope everyone has a nice weekend. Hugs.

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