Monday, July 21, 2008

Good morning, hope everyone is doing well. I didn't do much over the weekend as it was to, too hot. Saturday we did nothing and Sunday I went to Church and stopped at the grocery on the way home. I went to Church with Patti as Terry went early and then went to a gun show up in Dayton, Ohio with two of the grandsons that had called and wanted him to take them. So I stayed home and did nothing which was fine with me. I spent my time looking through magazines and reading my book.

Today we are going to meet with a lawyer to have our wills drawn up. Yep, we don't have any wills. We've been meaning to do it for years but just keep putting it off, but we're finally going to do it. So I guess that means that now we can die, right. lol.

That's about all the news I have. Nothing else going on. It did rain some yesterday and it's a bit cooler today, thank goodness. Well have a nice day. Hugs.

5:04pm. Well we didn't get a will done. Terry got upset at the lawyer and we didn't end up getting it done. So now we have to talk to a few people and start all over. I can't believe it. We finally decide to get one and then he gets upset cause he feels like the guy was talking down to us and also talked about a lawyer charging 3% to help file a will with probate court after we die. I say who cares when we are dead, let our dependents worry about it. There is not that much that thay would have to worry about it anyway. Men sometimes I'd like to bap him one. lol.

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