Thursday, June 12, 2008

Good Morning, it's another hot one outside today, so I think I'll just stay in today. I got allot done yesterday. Swept all the floors and then I mopped them and then I cleaned the bathrooms too. So I was plenty tired when I got finished. Had dinner and then Tyler came over (he doesn't like going to his brother's ball games, he'd rather come visit with us) and Terry and I went outside and sat at our patio set and did some reading. There was a nice breeze blowing and Tyler was in watching TV and then Tyler and Terry went down in the basement to do something.

Today I'm changing the bed linens and doing some laundry and maybe running the sweeper and I guess since it's too hot outside maybe I'll try to walk the treadmill if I have the energy after I run the sweeper. Maybe I should do that first. Good idea. Well I'm off to take on my day. Have a good one all.

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